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Brig F380T inkl. konsoll, dobbelt sete - urigget

Nyhet 2017

  • Artnr: 1818Base
  • Ikke på lager
  • Vekt, kg: 155
  • Enhet: stk

Beskrivelse av artikkelen

FALCON 380 is a new model for 2017. It is designed to spread the FALCON line even more, so you can choose the prefered size to fit your yacht or to have an additional space for passenger or stowage.

This boat is equipped with deep V hull and bigger buoyancy tube diameter to increase maximum payload and maximum HP engines for this class of boats.

Length (cm) 380 Weight of empty boat 155
Width (cm) 190 Fully equipped weight 360
Height (cm) 108 Maximum payload 850
Tube diameter (cm) 48 Minimum power 25
No. of Chambers 3 Recomended power 30
No. of Persons 6 Maximum power 50
Engine shaft length  20” Design category C